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Buying or selling your home is one of the most important things you'll ever do

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I grew up with the belief that owning your own home was one of the most important things you’d do. And it led me to this career I love – helping people successfully navigate this major step in their lives.

No matter where you’re at – buying your first home, making a decision to change neighbourhoods or communities, or making a move due to changes in your life – you’re facing a major challenge and you’re embarking on a major adventure. How you approach it, what steps you take, and what decisions you make will affect your enjoyment of life and your financial stability for years to come.

What’s the most important quality you should look for in a real estate agent?

Buying or selling real estate can be exciting. It can also be scary. Your agent should take the stress off your shoulders by shining light on murky areas, explaining everything in terms that make sense to your situation, and working hard to get you where you want to be.

Your real estate agent should understand what you’re looking for, what you’re hoping to achieve, where you see yourself now, and where you’d like to be next year… and beyond. There’s only one surefire way to do that. I listen. (I ask a lot of questions, too.) So we approach every opportunity from your perspective – informed by my experience of the real estate market in Oxford County communities.

I also believe your time is important. I’ll never waste it.

People get into real estate for all sorts of reasons. While it might sound hokey, I always wanted to be a real estate agent. My experience of owning my first home (and the many moves and changes since then) has given me first-hand experience to understand the emotions and hopes and fears and dreams you’re juggling as you prepare to sell or buy your home.

I want to put my passion for real estate to work for you to make your experience of buying or selling a home in Oxford County enjoyable, exciting, and financially rewarding

I'm honoured to be your guide to buying or selling your home in Woodstock, Ingersoll, Tillsonburg, Innerkip and Oxford County

Woodstock area homeI’ve lived in the Woodstock area since 2013. Two of my children grew up here, and I love everything Oxford County has to offer. I’ve found nearby communities like Tillsonburg, Innerkip, and Ingersoll to be welcoming, vibrant places with excellent schools, rewarding job opportunities, beautiful outdoor spaces, big networks of hiking trails, indoor and outdoor recreation, and stunning scenery. Oxford County’s close to Toronto, but a lot more affordable. If you don’t already live here, I know you’ll be happy here.

I’ve also found that houses in Oxford County tend to hold their value, making them excellent long-term investments.

If you’re interested in learning more about Oxford County real estate, give me a call. I’ll fill you in on everything from the character of local neighbourhoods and subdivisions to new housing developments to the best place to get a cup of coffee.

Home Buyers in Oxford County

Homes in Oxford County are in high demand and tend to go fast. That is why you need an assertive yet friendly real estate agent on your side. Whether you are interested in one of the properties we currently represent or need more help finding your dream home, we can help. We are always here to answer any questions and help you access everything you need to get a great deal on your new home.

Home Sellers in Oxford County

It can be bittersweet selling your home. Whether you have outgrown your first home or looking to retire and downsize, our team is here for you every step of the way. We work with the best real estate photographers, use cutting-edge marketing techniques and offer smart pricing strategies designed to help you get the most for your home. Once you’ve sold your home, we can even help you find a new one!

What Oxford County home buyers and sellers say they love

Billie HillBillie Hill
12:37 23 Aug 23
She is a highly skilled real estate agent who excels at selling homes. With her expertise, I was able to sell my home quickly and at a favorable price. Throughout the entire process, she provided invaluable guidance, from preparing my home for sale to skillfully negotiating with potential buyers.
Jacqueline ReyesJacqueline Reyes
13:09 22 Aug 23
I am extremely fortunate to have come across Jen as my real estate agent. Her dedication to her clients and willingness to go above and beyond is truly remarkable. With her expertise in the local area and understanding of market trends, she made the home-buying process seamless and hassle-free. Jane is an ethical professional who is committed to providing outstanding service, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for all your real estate requirements. 👍
Christy MasonChristy Mason
12:58 17 Aug 23
The excellent team of inspectors at Jen, whom I recently employed for my real estate needs, really impressed me. They made the procedure simple and delivered good service. Very highly advised!
Hilda TerryHilda Terry
10:08 16 Aug 23
Jen took the time to learn about my individual requirements and preferences. She worked extensively to find properties that met my specifications. Her exceptional communication abilities made the purchasing process simple and stress-free. Thanks!!
Mamie WhiteMamie White
12:33 14 Aug 23
I had the privilege of collaborating with Jen to facilitate the sale of my home, and I must say that it was a truly delightful experience. Her expertise in analyzing current market trends surpassed all expectations, and her adept negotiation skills allowed me to make a well-informed decision. Ultimately, with her invaluable guidance, I was able to sell my home at an exceptionally fair price.
Michael RussellMichael Russell
06:03 12 Aug 23
She committed herself to locating the appropriate residence in accordance with my particular requirements and tastes, never giving up until we discovered the perfect match. Her perseverance ultimately paid off with a home that satisfied all of my criteria and made me happy. I'm grateful, Jen.
Robin RobinsonRobin Robinson
12:43 11 Aug 23
My search for my ideal home benefited greatly from Jen's knowledge of the local real estate market. She committed herself to getting to know my specific requirements and preferences, and she diligently searched on my behalf until we discovered the ideal property. She put a lot of effort into finding me a home that satisfies all of my standards, and I appreciate that.
Lindsey SheltonLindsey Shelton
09:55 11 Aug 23
As a real estate agent, she was ethical and trustworthy, guiding me through the buying process with expertise. Her care for her clients and dedication to finding the perfect property is commendable. I couldn't have asked for a better agent!
A Google User
A Google User
13:04 10 Aug 23
When I decided to sell my home, I was unsure of which realtor to choose. Fortunately, a friend suggested Jen, and hiring her turned out to be a great decision. Jen's extensive knowledge and skills in the field helped me sell my home swiftly and at a favorable price. I am truly impressed by her professionalism throughout the entire process.
Patti WatsonPatti Watson
06:40 09 Aug 23
A true standout among real estate agents. Not only rich in expertise and experience, but also deeply invested in clients' welfare. With her guidance, I located the ideal investment property, fulfilling all my requirements!!
Robert WoodRobert Wood
05:27 08 Aug 23
From beginning to end, working with Jen Thomson was a delight. Every stage of the selling process showed her dedication to excellence and attention to detail. She genuinely cares about her customers and attends to their needs by offering individualized service.
john / trish johnstonejohn / trish johnstone
16:05 29 Jul 23
7 years ago, we met Jen at an open house in Innerkip and instantly liked her. She was open, friendly and most importantly honest. She answered all the questions we had and provided us with information that we needed. We ended up hiring her to help us find a new home in this area. She understood that we were downsizing and talked extensively with us. With her help we discovered our likes & dislikes and what we really wanted vs what would be nice. She was patient and took us to various homes and was always looking out for our best interest. She has always put her client’s best interest first and foremost. We became friends right then and have stayed friends over the years.If you want someone who is honest and looks out for you first, look no further than Jen. I have recommended her to may friends and they always come back and say thank you for recommending her, she is so nice! She makes the complete process of buying and selling a home as stress free as possible and most importantly an enjoyable one, so you can look forward to your new home! Jen is our go to person let her be yours, you won’t regret it!John & Trish Johnstone
Delia AllenDelia Allen
07:31 17 Jul 23
As a first-time homebuyer, I was fortunate to have found this real estate agent. Their caring and knowledgeable approach made the process smooth and stress-free. They truly had my best interests at heart and helped me find my dream home. I couldn't be happier with their service!
Alison HughesAlison Hughes
06:01 15 Jul 23
She devoted herself to locating the appropriate home for my exact needs and preferences, never letting up until we discovered the perfect match. Her hard work eventually yielded a property that met all of my expectations and left me very delighted. Thank you very much, Jen!
Samuel HartSamuel Hart
11:04 06 Jul 23
Working with Jen Thomson as my real estate agent was absolutely amazing! She really knows her stuff when it comes to the market and gave me some super valuable insights for selling my home. Not only that, but her team of professionals, like the inspectors and photographers, did an outstanding job too. I can definitely trust and depend on them.
Eleanor MillsEleanor Mills
11:55 28 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jen and her team of mortgage agents. Their expertise and professionalism made the entire mortgage process seamless. Jen's commitment to understanding my needs and finding the perfect solution truly impressed me.
Carmen AndrewsCarmen Andrews
09:24 22 Jun 23
I had the pleasure of working with Jen to sell my home, and I must say that it was an absolute delight. Her knowledge of current market trends was top-notch, and her negotiation skills helped me make the best decision possible. In the end, thanks to her guidance, I was able to sell my home at a very reasonable price. Once again, many thanks to you, Jen!
Bobby HillBobby Hill
10:28 14 Jun 23
Jen's experience and expertise in the local real estate market were invaluable in helping me find my dream home. She devoted herself to understanding my unique needs and preferences and actively searched on my behalf until we found the perfect property. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, I'm now living in a home that meets all of my requirements.
Stacy WarrenStacy Warren
12:12 12 Jun 23
I wanted to sell my home but didn't know who to hire. My friend recommended me, Jen. I'm glad I hired her. Her expertise helped me sell my home at a good price very quickly. I am impressed by her professionalism.
Dherick SarmientoDherick Sarmiento
21:33 06 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jen and I cannot recommend her services enough. Throughout the entire process, she was attentive, responsive, and dedicated to helping me find the perfect home for me and my family. Her knowledge of the market and attention to detail made the home-buying experience seamless and stress-free. I was impressed with her professionalism and ability to listen to my needs and preferences. I would highly recommend Jen Thomson to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable, local and friendly realtor.
Rick JohnsonRick Johnson
22:36 18 May 23
Jen went above and beyond for us to sell our home. I would recommend her to everyone. We will definitely be using Jen again as our agent in our next home purchase. She always had our best interest at heart and we consider Jen a friend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+++
Robert ShookRobert Shook
18:55 07 Apr 23
After visiting nearly 50 homes and five realtors, we were worn out and just wanted a trustworthy, accommodating, and experienced realtor. To find our dream home, we worked with a real estate broker who, in our opinion, is qualified for the position. She had amazing intuition, in-depth knowledge, and a genuine interest in helping us find the right house. We were able to find the place we loved for the price we wanted to pay after visiting a few homes with her. We firmly advise hiring a member of this team; we love our new house and can't wait to move in. Thank you! ❤️
Ronald EdwardsRonald Edwards
19:39 01 Apr 23
Our realtor was knowledgeable and knew when to provide information about the homes we were seeing and when to keep her distance while we looked. We never felt rushed and always felt heard. To get a sense of what properties were going for in the areas we wanted to concentrate on, the email of listings was constructive. He guided us through the offer process step by step, assisted us in negotiating with the sellers, and made sure we arrived at a price we were happy with when our home ended up being one of those listings in the email. We heartily endorse this Woodstock real estate agent who helped us to anyone just beginning their home-hunting process.
Michelle CrutcherMichelle Crutcher
17:26 29 Mar 23
My real estate broker put in a lot of effort to find me a new home and sell the one I had, and I am thrilled with the results. His team provided me with excellent staging advice, and the pictures and videos were stunning, so much so that my home sold instantly. In terms of the new house, he is highly influential in resolving issues discovered during the home inspection. He was crucial in keeping us all on the course because of his wise but compassionate treatment of the seller's realtor. I am incredibly grateful to his team for helping us through this trying time. I appreciate your hard work.
George ParkerGeorge Parker
18:37 22 Mar 23
As soon as we contacted the dependable representative, she resolved our worries and uncertainties about purchasing a home. Jen always takes the time to address our concerns thoroughly, so we are both thrilled about the new house. She enjoyed what she was doing. Jen Thomson was terrific, and my partner and I are so grateful that she found the home of our dreams!
Joshua DaytonJoshua Dayton
18:29 16 Mar 23
Even though it took us close to five months to acquire what we were looking for, we are grateful that we did it with this expert. She has been accommodating, straightforward, and reliable throughout the deal. Even when we almost lose faith in finding the ideal fit between our budget and dream house, she remains patient and optimistic. Jen guided us through every step from the first day until we received our keys!
Edwin GonzalezEdwin Gonzalez
17:44 14 Mar 23
Our Woodstock real estate agent has taken excellent care of our needs. We are pleased with the work of Jen, especially how well she collaborated in acquiring fantastic drone photos of the whole site. In addition to helping us sell the property, she helped us discover our ideal house. She was a genuine market expert and made meticulous notes about the homes we toured. I will suggest this firm to everyone since we are confident in Jen's ability and trust her completely!
Janice BinnsJanice Binns
20:27 11 Mar 23
She did this as both a realtor and a friend for us. She successfully found a house for us that met our criteria in terms of location, price, and neighbours. I appreciate your commitment, skill, and integrity. Despite being in a challenging job, she consistently goes above and beyond our assumptions!
Thelma FoltzThelma Foltz
18:24 28 Feb 23
Due to our lack of real estate expertise, we recently purchased our first property with the assistance of our outstanding consultant. She guaranteed that she carefully addressed everything and assisted us in understanding more. Jen was always willing to answer our questions and concerns. Big thanks for the excellent and top-notch service! I already know who I would call if I could purchase a new place again!
Enrique BarhamEnrique Barham
19:01 22 Feb 23
I recently sold my home, and now my girlfriend and I want to purchase a property. So, we went in search of a real estate broker. The consultant we met had the time to clarify our questions and lead us in our search for the ideal home. The lovely, honest, and accommodating Jen Thomson made it a delightful experience.
Johnie PruittJohnie Pruitt
17:34 19 Feb 23
We should be able to purchase our home within the constraints we set, and we consider ourselves lucky to have discovered our agent! As first-time buyers, we are also anxious about seeking a place in a competitive market. The agent was upfront without ever being intrusive, and she took the time to listen and explain the market's dynamics. Since making the purchase, we have kept getting emails that have helped us prepare for the following actions. Without Jen, we couldn't accomplish it!
Kirk ShowmanKirk Showman
16:07 07 Feb 23
We intend to list the house owned by our late mother for sale. Then we set up our initial meeting with competent, qualified, and trained Jen Thomson. Even though we were in the middle of the pandemic and unsure how it may influence the market, she provided us with practical advice. Happily, we managed to sell the house. Congratulations to Jen for being such an outstanding and helpful individual!
Milton BowersMilton Bowers
18:54 31 Jan 23
Having Jen assist us when we needed to purchase our house was a pleasure. Because of her, I loved the whole experience, even if relocating to a new location was challenging. She boldly negotiated, and we spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of each property. She helped me and gave me the information I needed to decide. Thus I would hire her again for the upcoming transactions.